About us

Fragment.uib.no springs out of the research project "From manuscript fragments to book history" (2012-2017). The project was jointly funded by the University of Bergen and Bergen Research Foundation.


The project

The research project "From manuscript fragments to book history: Norway and the European manuscript culture 1100–1300" started in 2012 and was completed before the summer 2017. We investigated a selection of the ca. 6500 fragments from medieval manuscripts in Norwegian public collections. You can read more about the project here.


The people

There were four people connected to the project:

Åslaug Ommundsen, project leader or primary investigator.

Astrid Marner, post-doctoral fellow.

Synnøve Myking, PhD fellow.

Michael Gullick, researcher.  


The background images

The manuscripts and fragments seen in the background images are held at the University of Bergen Library. Featuring most prominently are University of Bergen Library MS 28 and MS 504. We are very grateful for the Library's cooperation. The photographs were taken by Øystein Klakegg.

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